No Shave November 2012: The Beginning

It’s November once again, which means a lot of guys are going to grow out 70’s porn moustaches for Movember, a movement to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer.

However, my moustache is a mid-level feature in terms of facial hair. My beard, however, comes in quite nicely. This reason alone is why I prefer No Shave November. Last year, it was a beast at the end of it. I didn’t trim it for anything, either. Itched like a bastard, but I stuck it out.

This year, I’m planning on doing the same, so I shaved my face clean as a base a few days ago. Gotta admit, it’s weird not having the goatee and I think it makes my fat face look fatter, but it’s for a good cause.

Damn, I’m handsome.

So take a good, long look. This face won’t be clean-shaven again till December 1st. OR until I land a job interview, whichever comes first (cuz I need cash).


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