Hey Everyone, It’s Tuesday…

Those four words were the official start of what quickly became my favorite gaming podcast in a matter of weeks. Led by Ryan Davis, the Bombcast over at giantbomb.com was not only hilarious but super informative about everything you wanted to know when it comes to video games.

Joined by a cast of friends and cohorts, Ryan guided the conversations to anything and everything. They’ve talked lawn darts, ham radios, pizza, hummingbird feeder masks, and just about anything else you’ve ever thought of. Oh, and also video games.

But make no mistake, these guys know their stuff. Ryan and Jeff, being the senior leads of the site, have had their hands in almost every facet of games since their inception. To hear them talk is to hear them not just give their opinions on things, but to know and understand that they had the knowledge to back up their views.

Listening to the Bombcast every Tuesday was a ritual I’ve had for at least 2 years. Every week, I look forward to Davis’ voice bellowing out those words that would kick off 3+ hours of zaniness.

After today, everything will be different…

Ryan Davis passed away on July 3rd, 2013. He was 34 years old.

As much as I looked up to the man and wanted to meet him and chat with him and pick his brain, that is the least of my concerns. What I keep witnessing as the news spreads through the web is how almost everyone loved him so. The knowledge he shared, the laughs he inspired, the joy he gave to everyone he knew… all of it just proves that he was a special person with an indescribable energy.

It is an energy that partly made Giantbomb what it has become. A vibe that permeates the Bombcast with hilarity. A presence that made all of their PAX panels an event that had to be seen and made you upset when you missed out, as I did back in 2011.

And now, I can only feel regret over that, since the man is no longer a part of this world. Where my heart is at, however, is with the numerous friends that he had in the biz – not to mention his wife, who he had only just recently wed – and seeing them all express their deepest love for the man. They are the ones truly at a loss.

There was a recent time when I wanted to cover games as a career. If anyone had ever asked me which people within the industry were the ones I looked up to the most, Mr. Davis would have certainly been at the top of that SHORT list. As a gaming podcast host, I am also influenced by the way he performed in almost every way. He never once upset me in how he handled his role as a part of video game coverage.

As this blog clearly displays, I am not that eloquent of a man. When it comes to serious matters such as this, I am even less so. But there was no way I was going to let the day pass by without letting the universe know in some fashion how much I respected this wonderful person and everything that he did to entertain and inform us on whatever subject he’d chosen. I may not have known him personally, but it’s easy to see that his light brightened the lives of those around him. Hopefully, his family, friends, and fans will keep that light shining forever.

Thank you, Ryan Davis, for sharing yourself with all of us. You were one of the great ones, and will truly be missed on this Earth.

Rest in Peace, good sir.