I’m Just a Ramblin’ Man

Bear with me. I’m gonna try an experiment.

I like to blog when I have something to say, but as you can probably tell by looking at this blog site, I don’t do it anywhere as often as I’d like. Part of that is a lack of motivation. Part of it is me having an opinion and having it cool off before I get a chance to get it from my head to my fingers to the computer. Whatever the reason, it’s something I keep telling myself that I wanna change and find a way to write more often, so this is my latest attempt.

My plan is to put something down every couple hours or so. Whatever’s on my mind, I’ll put it on the page. I’ll do this all weekend and see what I end up with and maybe it’ll lead to more. Maybe I’ll find a topic that I’ll go deeper into in the future. Regardless, I just wanna write SOMETHING. It’ll be like having a journal, only LIVE!

Okay, so let’s get started…


July 7th, Saturday. 3:00pm – I started watching an old NXT TakeOver event (woohoo, wrestling!) and I still can’t believe how much better their product is than the WWE, despite the fact that they’re under the company umbrella. I don’t know if it’s a roster size issue or if it’s the lesser amount of creative micro-managing – which I think is a HUGE problem in WWE, personally – but I have yet to be unsatisfied with NXT since I began watching in early 2015.

I tweeted about watching a match that I love (Bayley vs Sasha Banks: 8/22/2015) and some dickdrip fired back at me with your typical “Wrestling is fake drama garbage, MMA is better” bullshit and I just replied “Neat.” I’m not gonna waste energy defending what I like to someone who’s just looking to push people’s buttons. I looked at his account and it’s typical antagonistic bullshit, which made me laugh cuz his profile is all “I’m an ally to all the marginalized people, but I’m also an asshole LOL.”

In other words, he’s just an asshole.

When I was younger, I wouldn’t have thought much about it cuz I knew people like that. But I’m 40 now, and all of that swagger bullshit is just silly, to me. People tend to say shit like that to give themselves an out whenever something they do negatively affects someone, like they can just say “I told you, I’m an ass” and it magically excuses them from responsibility.

Fuck that noise.

As I’ve grown a bit more, I’ve realized that if you say you’re an asshole, I will take you for your word. Plus, with all that bravado, you’d think the guy was some kind of pro wrestling heel (aka Bad Guy). Either way, his ass got blocked.

NOTE: This happened on a Saturday before a UFC event where, at the very end, there was a totally bullshit call-out from the new champion to Brock Lesnar (a wrestler?!) for his next fight and it was everything that guy told me UFC didn’t have. What an idiot.


July 8th, Sunday. 3:30pm – Well, that was a long couple of hours since the last one, yeah? I suppose sleeping damn near 11 hours didn’t help.

After yesterday’s post, I sat down to finish up the last bits of Nier: Automata that I had left. I was only 6 trophies away from the platinum and still needed what I would call the final two endings, [Y] and [E]. Getting [Y] proved to take the longest because one of its conditions is to find every weapon and upgrade them all to their max level. I could get the weapons easily enough (with help from a handy FAQ), but getting the upgrade materials took a bit longer than expected. In the end, I came out victorious and fought the secret boss and got the ending.

Emil’s face scares me.


Then it was on to Ending [E]. I had already heard on various Game of the Year podcasts from 2017 that this ending ends up with all of your saves being erased, but that’s also why I made sure to get everything else done before going through with it. Then my brain kicked into gear and I thought “I would hate to lose everything. What if I just upload my data to a USB stick before it all goes down?”

So, I did just that.

I played through the ending and I loved what it had to say. The entire game is quite good, and it does a great job dealing with the subject of existentialism and what it means to be “alive.” But knowing that I had an out really took a lot of the power out of that final deletion (What up, Matt Hardy!) and I kind of regretted doing it. But in the end, it still was great to experience. Maybe, on some level, you can say that I preserved my “soul” so that I wouldn’t lose my true self and my memories. By doing so, I realize that I have truly payed into the meta-layers of Nier’s fiction, and that’s actually really frickin’ cool.

The other huge highlight of that game is its soundtrack. It’s not super huge, but every song fits the exact mood they need to and a handful of them will take space in your brain for quite some time. It also does a cool trick where the intensity of the moment will be reflected in the music, kind of like how Red Dead Redemption’s soundtrack worked. My favorites include:

-City Ruins

-Amusement Park

-And finally, the Emil Shop Theme, which will stick in your head till the day you die.

All told, Nier: Automata has a great story, great music, and fun gameplay. Play it if you ever have the chance.


I think I’m gonna cut this blog off here and let it live, as is. The last thing I want is to make any of this seem super long and boring. Hopefully, these little updates will inspire me to write more, and get me to dive deeper into some of my thoughts on things. Maybe I’ll get to some game reviews, album breakdowns, wrestling recaps, etc. Hell, I might even finally try to get healthy again and use this space to hold myself accountable.

Whatever the case, I plan on being here more often, so I hope that those of you who are reading this will stick around for a bit. And remember, as we say at the end of every BlankShowCast

Keep it chill, Snowflakes.


NOTE: I use the term “snowflake” satirically. It is commonly used as a weapon to mock others for their alleged fragility, but always by the ABSOLUTE MOST FRAGILE of people. Regardless, we all have our quirks, so we’re all “snowflakes” to some degree. All we need to do is find our chill, as it were.


Tacos + Burritos = Love… and Guilt

Today, my brother bought a crapload of food from Boca Chica, the local taco house. Anyone from the neighborhood knows that this is the greatest place of all time for tacos and other quick-hit Mexican foods.

Prepare to be devoured.

It was so delicious. Being poor, it sure beats the diet of instant ramen and/or eggs and potatoes.

But goddamn, do I feel guilty. At least, that’s what this pressure in my gut probably symbolizes. Now I have to eat like a rabbit for the rest of the day. And probably tomorrow, too.


My 2012-2013 Television Lineup

I juggle a lot of different hobbies. Well, maybe not a lot, but enough to keep me fairly occupied every day. Aside from the 9-12 podcasts I listen to, video games, and the 3 podcasts I appear on (well, TWO lately, since one seems to have fizzled out), I also watch a good bit of television.

This fall, I originally had planned to skip everything and just watch it all on Netflix or DVD the following summer but, in this age of Twitter, there’s no way I could’ve done it without having things spoiled. Especially since I know a few select people who LOVE to partake in live-tweeting details. Anyhow, I digress…

I just thought I’d take the time to list off the shows I watch and give a quick paragraph or two about what I like and don’t like in each show. Hopefully you’ll see the list and decide to check something out based on my critiques… or pass on something else. You never know.

So without further ado, here is the list in order of air days.


Nothing. I used to watch WWE on Mondays, but that was a long time ago. These days, there’s not much that I’m interested in. I even tried to look and see what the best candidate would be, but my cable box recently did it’s almost-daily reset and now I don’t know what’s there until the guide data catches up. Yay, Comcast! Or is it Xfinity? I don’t fucking know. Most weeks, this day is used to edit the BlankShowCast, anyhow. Find it on iTunes!


New Girl (FOX)

It’s Jess!!!

I love this show. The pilot was entertaining, if a little rough, but it wasn’t awkward so I stuck with it. As the first season went on, it became one of my Top 5 current favorite shows. Zooey Deschanel plays Jess, a quirky teacher that moves in with three male roommates: Nick, Schmidt, and Coach. However, the very next episode had Coach gone and the guys’ former roommate Winston moved back in.

Likes – As the show has developed, every character has grown stronger. Also, the romantic subplots have never been overbearing or stale and have stayed hilarious as the show’s sense of humor is top-notch. The best thing, however, is Schmidt. Easily the best new character on TV in years. So much so, actor Max Greenfield was nominated for an Emmy.

Dislikes – Winston is a great foil of sorts for the others, but he rarely gets enough focus, which is sad. He has potential. The tension between Nick and Jess is easy to read and you know it’ll end up being addressed over and over until there’s an inevitable climax of some sort, but hopefully it won’t be annoying. And, on the superficial yet important side, I don’t like Cece’s bangs. Grow them shits out, yo.

Tosh.0 (Comedy Central)

Suck it, Web Soup.

This show basically is a Soup clone. Stand-up comedian Daniel Tosh shows videos from the web and comments on or produces skits based around them. Most of the vids are either displays of vulgarity, stupidity, or grossness. The show seems to be divisive, as Mr. Tosh’s humor isn’t for everyone – especially the “sensitive” crowd – but I enjoy it enough cuz I’m not a sissy.

Likes – Some of the people in the vids shown are downright idiots, and hearing someone tear them a new anus is perfect. You just shouldn’t jump off your house onto a picnic table with thumbtacks and burning gas and flourescent lightbulbs and not expect to break something. Moron. I also like his Web Redemptions, where he takes someone from an embarrassing video and makes a usually hilarious skit with them.

Dislikes – The Viewer Video of the Week is almost always junk. They really need to scrap that section. Other than that, I can’t really think of any glaring bad things about it. What you see is what you get with this one.


Modern Family (ABC)

You know they just couldn’t get the baby to stop crying.

This one follows the misadventures of the Pritchett family. Patriarch Jay is married to his 2nd wife and deals with her and her stepson, Claire is married to Phil Dunphee – possibly the most misguided father ever – and they have three children to deal with, while Mitchell lives with his partner Cam and their adopted daughter Lilly. Hijinks ensue.

Likes – The writing is great and the roles are well-cast. Ed O’Neill plays Jay and there’s just a slight hint of his old pal Ted Bundy (Married With Children) in there, which is nice, but Ty Burrell steals the show every week as Phil. Ariel Winter also does a great job as Alex, the intellectual daughter of Phil and Claire. Her character’s banter with the older sister never gets old.

Dislikes – Has the old trope of giving you the little inspirational message at the end of every episode, but it’s balanced with a decent joke most of the time. Not a lot of development in a lot of the characters, either. Many of them are still quite the same since the beginning.

Arrow (CW)

You think this CW press photo is bad? Wait till the next one…

A re-imagining of the Green Arrow comic books and full of violence and drama. Oliver Queen is a young man returned from being marooned on a presumably deserted island for 5 years, but he returns with a secret. He’s actually become an extensively trained archer and fighter. Oliver uses these skills to become “The Hood,” a vigilante out to stop the criminal element in his hometown.

Likes – For a CW show, they don’t fuck around. Violence is present and in a big way. I’m also enjoying what little references to the comics that I recognize, and a few plot twists have me very intrigued. Also, Katie Cassidy.

Dislikes – The Oliver/Laurel relationship is all over the place. Sometimes they seem on the mend, other times they’re apathetic. I understand the need for it, but it gets annoying. Representation of the recognizable DC villains has been kinda lacking, as well. Good potential, though. Sticking with it for now.


The Office (NBC)

Okay guys, get the fuck back to work.

A documentary crew captures the everyday ongoings at the Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company resulting in romance, mistakes, and hilarity.

Likes – The bulk of the cast are great at their characters, especially now that they’re in their 9th and final season. Rainn Wilson still kills it as Dwight, and Ed Helms’ character Andy Bernard has been a decent replacement for the absence of Steve Carell as the company’s regional manager.

Dislikes – The writing seems to be a bit comfortable with its characters, not challenging them enough. While Dwight’s spiel has been entertaining, it would’ve been nice to have seen him develop into a somewhat more self-aware person like Andy did. This season has been real short on Darryl material, too. Hoping that turns around eventually since there’s still a lot of season left.

Parks and Recreation (NBC)

April (second from left) is smiling. This usually means bad things.

Similar in style to The Office (and created by some of their former staff), this show portrays Leslie Knope as the director of the Parks Department in the small town of Pawnee, Indiana as she tries to further her political career and brings her staff along for the ride.

Likes – Almost everyone on this show is hilarious. Amy Pohler as Leslie kills it, Aziz Ansari as Tom is masterful, Aubrey Plaza plays the best uncaring employee ever, and one cannot forget the sheer manliness that is Ron Swanson. Strong writing with characters that grow.

Dislikes – The couple characters that are a bit stale, Anne and Chris. Played by Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe respectively, they seem to just be plot pushers for the others to have conversations with. Other than that, there’s not much else wrong with the show. It’s quite good.


Nikita (CW)

Remember what I said about CW photos? Yikes.

Once employed as an assassin by a secret organization called Division, Nikita broke free of their control and has begun a long-planned mission to take them down for good. A re-imagining of the old La Femme Nikita show (which I admittedly never watched).

Likes – Not overly campy for a CW show in its first two seasons, making it easy to get into. Masterful portrayal of the main antagonists who were complex, intelligent, and truly scary in their ways. Subplots are mostly intriguing and som excellent twists are present.

Dislikes – Season 3, the current one, is a bit lacking. One villain died and the other was left in limbo at the end of S2, who hadn’t shown up in S3 until recently. However, said villain made an instant impact upon arrival, so hopefully the season will turn around. Nikita’s partner throughout the show has also been quite reduced in her involvement. Almost to a point of unnecessity.


Empty. I can’t even remember the last time I watched a show regularly on Saturday aside from cartoons as a kid. Speaking of which, Looney Tunes were the shit.


The Walking Dead (AMC)

Why is that zombie looking into the camera? And who’s taking this photo? RUN!

Police Officer Rick Grimes awakens in a hospital after being shot in a firefight. What he finds is disturbing. Zombies walk the halls. And the streets. And the fields. And no one knows why.

Likes – One of the rare zombie stories I’ve actually enjoyed because it’s not about the zombies, it’s about the people trying to survive and the measures they will go to, good or bad. Gritty and unafraid to get messy. Best theme song on TV, too.

Dislikes – There are some definite slow points along the way, but I don’t mind as it sets up characters and relationships. Also, now that I’ve read the comics, I’m a bit afraid that certain events will be changed to lessen the dark nature of the original form.

Talking Dead (AMC)

Man… if Zombies talked, that’d be kinda cool. Or scary.

A live recap of the week’s episode of The Walking Dead with guests.

Likes – Good interviews with the guests, cool behind the scenes footage and factoids, lovely “In Memoriam” segment for the deaths of the week.

Dislikes – Not to sure how I feel about Chris Hardwick as a TV host. Feels “off.” Also, reading fan tweets on live TV is never a good idea. Stop doing that. Really, stop it.

Just stop.

Comic Book Men (AMC)

Dear Mr. Smith, it’s no longer a “uniform.” It’s become a clown outfit. Change your clothes.

The guys who run Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash wheel and deal for product while clowning on each other all day.

Likes – Walt, Bryan, Mike and Ming are all funny dudes that remind me of my childhood friends. Watching Walt negotiate over an item is both interesting and frightening at the same time.

Dislikes – Some situations are very contrived. Gets a bit repetitive after a month or two, but at least they tried fixing it by dropping to 30 minutes from a 1 hour show.

Dexter (Showtime)

He drinks the blood of the non-believers.

Dexter Morgan plays a Miami forensics blood spatter expert by day, but becomes a vigilante killer at night going after criminals who escape the hand of Justice.

Likes – Loved the premise of this from the start. Especially the parts where Dexter talks with the ghost of his late father whenever he needs help on a kill. As much as they make his sister Deb a victim early on, she really grows into her own as a character in later seasons. Most of the cast is great, and I really dig the way they establish a sort of nemesis for Dexter each year.

Dislikes – For me, the seasons year-to-year are a bit varied. There are significant high and low points. A couple of characters infuriate me no matter what. That might be the point, but it still bugs me. Also, a couple of running threads don’t wrap up quite how I would’ve wanted, but oh well.


Deadliest Catch (Discovery)

They have crabs.

The Discovery Channel puts cameramen on boats of the Alaskan Crab Fishing Fleet and danger happens all around them. Also, drama. Lots and lots of macho drama. And crabs.

Likes – It’s certainly an interesting occupation to watch. The side effect is that you begin to care about the people the show covers. When they celebrate, you celebrate. When they suffer, you suffer. And when they face high danger, you tense up as if you are part of the event. It’s reality in today’s purest form.

Dislikes – I have to believe that in 2012 we could come up with a better method for not only knowing where crab are located, but also improved boat safety and better way s to get crab on the boat.  A lot of it just feels archaic and unnecessarily high-risk. All that, and Captain Elliot on the Ramblin’ Rose. What a dick.

Game of Thrones (HBO)

Oh, Sean Bean…

I can’t even begin to summarize the 14 plots of this show. Winter is coming, and things are getting bad. The end, or something like that.

Likes – As confusing as that was, I still like the threads running through the show. Young Arya, daughter of Ned Stark, becomes quite the little badass. Tyrion Lannister is a dwarf and a stone cold pimp. He’s always planning ahead and he’s crazy smart about it. Plus he slapped Joffrey in the face twice. Also, Daenerys has some baby dragons.

Dislikes – Sometimes a bit on the slow side. Hard to keep track of all 8 story threads it runs, especially on the side of the Starks.

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret (IFC)

Why is that guy grabbing David Cross’ butt?

A bumbling idiot from the states gets mistakenly promoted after lying on his resume about being from England. He is sent there to run a company branch and runs into Dave, a manipulative little twat with a secret, and falls for local café owner Alice when she acts friendly toward him.

Likes – Great comedy writing. David Cross is a master and always comes off super awkward, which is uncomfortable to watch and yet hard to turn away from. The sheer trouble this guy manages to get into is astounding, but there’s no end to the madness. Jon Hamm also cameos.

Dislikes – Dave. What a cock. Always putting Todd into danger. Not that Todd ever tries to avoid it, but yeah. Kinda mean. But I guess that’s his role or something. I really have no complaints. It’s a great show.

The Newsroom (HBO)

Sam Waterston (front) is a badass.

Popular news anchor Will McAvoy returns to television after taking a hiatus following a public outburst. He is reunited with an old flame who gets hired to be his executive producer and together they give politicians a run for their money.

Likes – It’s a well-written show for the most part. The show’s views on politics don’t feel partisan but rather hold either side accountable for stupidity, but I’m more intrigued with how they show the process of reporting the news. Some interesting plot twists add fun. Jeff Daniels kills it as McAvoy and the cast is fairly impressive, but I was most pleasantly surprised at Olivia Munn’s acting chops.

Dislikes – Some of the characters are completely idiotic. There are two people who are almost like star-crossed lovers, to which they acknowledge, but they still just can’t seem to be free or get it right. It becomes a little grating after the 8th attempt. The dialogue gets a bit long-winded, too. Everyone talks like they’re on their 15th cup of coffee in a 13-minute span.

Warehouse 13 (Syfy)

Dangerous artifacts is serious business

Agents Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering go around the world recovering cursed artifacts that have significant power, usually at a hefty price.

Likes – Has a fun and comedic tone which fits quite nicely. Claudia provides a good compliment to Artie, the Warehouse boss. Also love how they instill lore into each of the artifacts, such as a piece of the Berlin Wall filled with so much rage that it could be triggered like an explosive.

Dislikes – Their seasons never seem to wrap up properly and always have a cliffhanger ending. Artie’s fidgety personality is quite a hindrance and it feels infuriating when he grows stubborn to other’s suggestions. Some of the villains could be better, as well.


Wow, so did you make it through all that? I’m guessing you’re going to all go out and watch these shows now, so be sure to let me know your thoughts on these OR give me some recommendations in the comments. You can also tweet at me if you’d like (info’s in the sidebar). Enjoy the viewing!

I’m An Official Blogger, Now!

Well, I did it. I started a blog.

Basically, This is going to be a place for me to discuss/rant/review/spew chunks about whatever I feel like. There’ll be some entertainment media reviews, game logs (with complete spoilers!), food stuff, maybe the occasional workout blog, rambles… all kinda of stuff.

I’m also hoping this will supplement my original podcast, the BlankShowCast, a bit. I tend to forget some of the things I want to bring up so I’m thinking this will help me remember. It probably won’t but I can dream.

Either way, I hope you all enjoy your time here. If you have anything you’d like to hear me talk about, let me know in the comments.

Witty outro catchphrase (To be determined…)!